Extenze review 2017

extenze-reviewFrom the company that brought you ExtenZe gains, the ‘ultimate male enhancement,’ they now deliver HT Higher Testosterone for men who need a boost in the bedroom, or in the gym. There are a couple of concerns that are raised with regard to this product and while it may not be fair to make assumptions based on past performances, there are a few details that are important to make.

First, ExtenZe wasn’t exactly the best product on the market and didn’t really help all that many men get stronger erections, have better performance in bed, or even gain length where they wanted. There are pending lawsuits, class action suits against ExtenZe regarding misleading advertising, among other issues.

Second, ExtenZe was not much more than a testosterone boosting supplement, so it begs the question about whether the company actually did more research into this product to improve it or just repackaged the old in a nice, new, shiny, Jose Conseco sponsored product.

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